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Best React UI Component Libraries

The react is an open source JavaScript library and it helps the user to build a top interface for both mobile and web application where this react UI component conveniently combine your application with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks and also contains a tiny standalone bits of the codes called as components. It’s these UI components that are going to be in the list of the best react UI component frameworks and libraries. The best thing about these UI components is that they are modular without much application specific dependencies where this means that you can reuse the react UI components to build the awesome interfaces and apps super-fast.


List of best react UI component frameworks and libraries

  • Material kit react – This UI component framework was created with the inspiration from Google’s material design, thee material kit react builds a set of elements that has put consistency as the main feature. In which by using this feature your web project retains the similarity in functions and appearance all through. The general layout of the material kit react resembles as like the multiple sheets of paper where this imparts an order and depth to the layouts. The material kit react also contains a number of basic elements such as like menu, tabs, navigation bars, menu, badges, pagination, sliders, pills and buttons. When you use the material kit react framework and libraries you can able to customize the size, color and style for most of the elements.
  • Material UI – With the close to a whopping 45K stars on the GitHub, the material-UI ranks among the most popular and best react UI components frameworks and libraries. These material UI components rely on the react, but it uses the Google’s material design where this material design generally takes the inspiration from the textures and physical world while keeping the actual UI elements to a minimum. The Material UI frameworks contain wide range of helpful components such as auto complete, cards, icons, sliders, badges, dialog boxes, buttons, menus and more items.
  • React Bootstrap – The react UI component libraries is React bootstrap, the UI kit that retains its own bootstrap core. In order to give you more control over the functions and form of each components, it replaces the bootstrap’s JavaScript with the react. Each of the react component is built to easily accessible and it is important one for building the front-end framework.
  • React virtualized – it is the library that all the users will be requiring where this includes the numerous components for efficiently rendering the large tables, grids and lists. For example, you will also find the masonry, autosizers, window scrollers, columns, direction sorters and more. Further the user can customize the tables by configuring the display placeholders and row heights in the cells. The react virtualized framework has very few supports standard browsers and dependencies including the recent mobile browsers for Android and iOS.
  • Blueprint – The react component s in the blueprint are primarily used for the desktop applications where these mechanism are mainly apt one for building the data dense and complex interfaces. From the module library the user can pick up the bit of codes for displaying and generating icons, for picking time zones and for interacting with dates and times and many more.
  • Semantic UI react – Semantic UI users are human friendly HTML for its development framework and it has integrations with the Meteor, angular, ember, react and many others frameworks. All the jQuery JavaScript functionalities have been re-implemented in the React framework. The Semantic UI react makes you to insert any type of the semantic UI css model on the best of your semantic UI react application.
  • React toolbox – The react toolbox provides the visitors with an i-browser editor where the user can experiment with the UI components in real-time. While working with the react toolbox the user can choose to import components in raw or bundles components. The difference is that the component comes with all kinds of the necessary themes and dependencies that are injected along with frameworks. This means that CSS for each dependency that will be your final CSS automatically.
  • React desktop – React desktop uses the Sierra, windows 10 and macOS components with the aim of bringing the native desktop experience on the internet or web. The react desktop is a collection with the JavaScript library that is being built on the top of Facebook’s and the react library and its compatible with the any JavaScript based projects.
  • Onsen UI – Onsen UI is a mobile application development framework and library that uses the JavaScript and HTML 5 and it provides integration with the React, Vue.js and Angular. All the UI components are auto-styles based on the platform and it supports both Android and iOS using the same source code. The onsen UI framework is compatible with many of the popular UI libraries and framework.
  • Evergreen – This component contains a set of React UI components that is suitable for enterprise grade web applications, since it uses the react primitive which is highly flexible and at the same time this component works just as easily right out of the box. The evergreen UI library and framework includes a wide range of tools and components starting from the basic typography, icons, layouts and colors to function-based components such as file uploads, toggles, feedback and dropdowns indicators. After installing the evergreen UI framework and library you can pick and choose the UI components you want to import.
  • Reactstrap – For the simple react bootstrap 4 components, this react strap comes with the two primary distribution versions where one is of basic version that excludes thee optional dependencies and this gives you the more flexibility in configuring the required dependencies. The second version is the full version and this includes all the dependencies that are optional one and this is mainly recommended for the smaller applications. The react strap is another collection in the react UI library components and frameworks.
  • Rebass – The rebass contains only eight foundational UI components, in this framework you can find all in a super small file. Moreover, the rebass components are themable and extensible and built for the responsive web design. The rebass UI components use the styled-system and it serves as a great starting point for extending the components into custom UI components for your applications where this component also provides you the theme provider to help you out.
  • Grommet – The grommet contains the wide range of library components in its library kit and these counts a big name like Boeing and Netflix among its users. Whether your app is for wider screen display or for the mobile phones then you will be able to design the layouts where the user will have the accessibility by using the screen reader or keyboard. The theming tools available in this UI component help the developer with the customization for layout, color and type.
  • Elemental UI – The elemental UI component provides the number of basic functional components for the standalone use or in any of the combinations whether in theming or default style. Some of the components include cards, modals, forms and buttons.
  • RSUITE – The RSUITE UI frame and library contains a wide range of the user interface component libraries for the enterprise system products. This component supports all major platforms and browsers as well as the server side rendering. If you are at your home with less development, customizing the UI components should not pose any kinds of problem and the components in this UI library and framework includes the tooltips, loaders, dividers, icons and more things.

Adding the entire UI interface framework and libraries can be of burden one and it also make it very hard for you the developer to stuff and find all the user interface components at one place. The React UI library and framework is the best place where the user or developer can get all the individual components easily and they can use their needed component and framework onto their project in few minutes of time. The react and react components are awesome tools, framework and libraries that help the user in many ways where they can use these different react user interface framework and library components in the project and get the required results out of it.

These react UI framework and library is available on the internet where the user can get their needed and required framework and library for their project. Moreover, these UI framework and libraries are their functionality and feature where it is the responsibility of the developer to identify the required and needed framework components for their JavaScript project. The importance of these react UI framework and library components is to build the customized web and mobile applications that supports on any platforms. Many social and dating apps have been built with these tools. Mocospace, Bumble, Fuckbook and Ashley Madison are all apps that have capitalized on utilizing these tools. These UI interface will be useful and helpful for the JavaScript developers where this UI framework and library components contains bundles of packages and from this one package the developer can select the appropriate framework and library component for the project. … Read the rest