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jQuery Plugins That You Will Love

Developed by John Resig in 2006, jQuery is one of the best JavaScript libraries. It is an excellent system for creating and producing quick and functional user interactions.

With various interfaces like image scrolling, gallery, animation, effects, etc., the library gives users access to many helpful resources to deliver a personalized user interface without worrying about coding and additional efforts.

jQuery Knob

jQuery Knob is an easy-to-understand plugin that delivers a straightforward and touchable dial that’s based on canvas. You can use this to improve the admin dashboard.

The plugin supports the mouse, scroll wheel, and touch.


The primary idea of Clusterize.js is to avoid polluting DOM (Document Object Model) with used tags.

The plugin creates clusters out of the list and adds additional rows to the top and bottom.

It emulates the total height of the table to let the browser show scrollbars for the entire list.


This is another great plugin to show images, HTML elements, and other media in a lightweight interface. Fancybox is licensed under MIT and GPL licenses.


Push.js is a javascript library that allows websites to push notifications to a desktop quickly. It works on almost every browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)since it is a cross-browser-supported plugin.


MixItUp is an excellent independent library that packs performance for DOM manipulation. It allows you to filter, add, remove or sort various contents of DOM using exciting animations.


Filterizr is another jQuery plugin that can help in sorting, shuffling, searching, and applying beautiful filters on galleries. It uses CSS3 transitions with customizable effects from CSS.


Typeahead.js is an easy plugin that utilizes local or collective data to provide users with sentence completion suggestions while they type into an input box.

This Javascript library is a great tool that gives a robust foundation that can help to build a strong typeahead. It usually includes two main components, namely – Bloodhound and Typeahead UI view.

Avgrund Modal

Avgrund Modal is an excellent plugin that helps to add attractive Modal Boxes to a website

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is a lightbox plugin that tries to be as compatible and lightweight as possible.

It has excellent performance and experience for users but lacks a few features of other lightbox plugins.


Tooltipster is a modernized version of tool-tip where you can present topics that are HTM enabled. These topics are in semantic markup with the use of CSS for display.

You can have several configuration options, which makes this a highly customizable plugin.

Parallax Js

Parallax Js is one of the most popular jQuery plugins. It makes any background content move at a speed that does not match the foreground content when a user scrolls.


With the help of TwentyTwenty, you can put one image on top of another to compare the two images in a slider method. Instead of keeping the images side-by-side for comparison, you can use the slider to see the changes.


Nanogallery is an excellent plugin that makes image galleries look more simple and managed. It also offers multiple navigations in the lightbox, albums, slideshows, lazy load images, etc.

The plugin includes touch, and it is powerful, fast and even provides cloud storage.


SVGMagic is a popular plugin that makes any image look sharp and clear.

With this plugin, you don’t have to task yourself with compatible browser images because it will search for SVG images and change it with PNG versions if it does not support SVG.


This is another helpful plugin that gives you the power to animate content as you scroll. Once you scroll back up, the elements animate to their original state and will be ready to reanimate once you scroll down.… Read the rest