Popular PHP frameworks 2020

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is a globally used open-source scripting language that best suits to server-side web developments. It was formed and built in the year 1994 by a Canadian –Danish programming professional Rasmus Lerdorf.

PHP framework develops the frame to streamline the web app development. This is mostly used for speeding up the developmental process. The working and practical use of apps and websites by applying the PHP frameworks help a lot in fulfilling the business for performance needs. And this is the reason why PHP frameworks are gaining huge attention.

Below is a list of PHP frameworks that increase the speed of the development process.


Phalcon was initially written in C and C++ and introduced in the market in the year 2012. It is easy to install and it is compatible with creating highly configurable web applications that are aligned with enterprise development guidelines. Security, caching, increase execution speed, a Universal autoloader, and assessment management are a few key features in this PHP framework.

Zend Framework

It is an object-oriented framework that is built on Agile methodology. Further, this helps you in delivering high-quality apps to the enterprise clients. It is a highly fit Framework for complex and enterprise-level projects. It is mostly used in the huge banks and IT departments. Key features included in this Framework are MVC components, session management, Data Encryption, and simple cloud API.

Yii (Yes Absolutely!!!)

This is a universal web programming Framework because it is most appropriate for a world of web applications and beyond. It has a very simple, quick and an effortless procedure for installation and due to its amazing security features, it can be suitable & used for highly secured projects like e-commerce, CMS, forums, portals, and more. This Framework has excellent performance and speed and also prevents the writing complexities of cyclical SQL statements.


To build up visually exciting and feature-loaded websites this PHP Framework gives a good platform to use a simple and elegant Toolkit. It is effortless installation and simple to use because all you need is a framework copy and a web server. This is a good Framework where you can use security features included in the tool kit. Major features that include in this framework are validation, security, proper class inheritance, and fast builds. This provides great documentation and has support from many portals.


Symfony framework was introduced in 2005. It is a much dependable and fully established platform and also it is the only Framework which follows the web and PHP standards. This PHP framework can integrate and be very flexible with high scale enterprise projects. This is also easy to configure and install on most of the platforms. Only the advanced developers can use this PHP framework as it is a little harder to use when compared to the other PHP frameworks.


Codeigniter is another PHP framework that is best suited to develop dynamic websites. Codeigniter is famous for its small footprint that is it’s only about 2 MB in size. The installation is a hassle-free process and due to this simple setup, it’s an ideal PHP Framework for the beginners. Features of this Framework are MVC architecture, inbuilt security tools, Top Notch error handling, and simple yet excellent documentation. When compared with the other frameworks this is considered a very fast framework and also with a good performance. This Framework is not a good option that requires high-level security.


Laravel was introduced in the year 2011 and it has become one of the popular PHP Frameworks in the world as it can leverage all the web applications steadily with an amazing speed than any other frameworks. It also simplifies the process of development by simplifying common tasks like routing, caching, authentication, and session. It is mostly used while developing apps with difficult back-end requirements. Features like authentication, routing, security, MVC architecture support, seamless data migration, and many others will help you customize Complex apps. For the software developers who strive to build B2B or enterprise websites, this PHP framework is highly useful because of its security and speed which goes hand in hand for a up-to-the-minute web application.