What Are Component- Frameworks?

component frameworks diagram

The component framework would act as a set of well defined interface that is used for establishing the set of protocols for the components that cooperates within the framework. These protocols are mainly used by the component developers for ensuring the interoperability of their components within the scope of the given framework.

The component framework would define as a set of abstract interaction. Here the protocols by which components could co-operate the other component that takes place different roles. The abstract interaction would define the component framework that would provide the conceptual framework.

Different process of abstractions

  • It is used for eliminating up all the unwanted details and paves a way to get the necessary elements of the problems and it would express up them easily and quickly as invariants.
  • It would encapsulate in which they would vary and express them as the variants. These variants would equivalent the behaviors that are grouped together into the appropriate taxonomy of the abstract classes and the subclasses.
  • It defines he dynamic action of the systems in terms of the interplay between the invariants and variants.

Fascinating features about component framework

The component framework systems would be ubiquitous not only in the object oriented systems. It would have their numerous of the software engineering techniques and process. Few of the advantage are as follows

  • It is robust and it has the isolated components that minimize the possibility of the unpredictable behavior and invariants frameworks code that provides the consistent behavior.
  • Ease of maintaining them and the problems that is found could be easily isolated and it is fixed up without the disturbing the rest of the systems that is found.
  • It is more flexible and the components can be mixed and matched for covering the wide range of the applications that is found.
  • It is extensible because the new components can add the capabilities of the systems.
  • The applications specific design is relegated to the isolated components that are used for heavy lifting.

The framework greatly differs in size ranging from small data structures to the enterprise class with different distributed applications.

  • The small scale framework would include the simple visitors and templates design and the pattern that is applied to the data structures. There the visitor’s pattern serves as the host framework and the elements acts as the guests.
  • The dual dispatching nature of the visitor’s prototype assures the inversion and control where the host determines.
  • The medium scale framework includes the graphical user interface systems. Here the task loop would be covered in the general and invariant framework system and controls the invocations.
  • The large scale frameworks would includes the enterprise components that is management systems as like the Java Enterprise Java Beans and some cloud systems would process components that is oriented to the Google App engine.

Now you would get some clear ideas that are based on the component framework and its features and when you go deep into it there you can predict out its lot of other benefits.